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Academic Technologies


I was tasked with the project of creating a web presence for Academic Technologies — the newly formed combination of IT Classroom Technologies and Media Technology Services. The site is an information hub for most technology resources at UNM related to academics, including (but not limited to) computer labs (locations & available software), access to equipment, iTunes U, and printing (via PawPrints).

The project also included designing a logo for Academic Technologies. I played with a few ideas, and always wanted to use a wireless symbol in some fashion. The end result is a logo that looks drawn, which I feel is more appropriate for an academic logo than a smooth-edge logo, and at a glance anyone can assess what the overarching theme of our services are; academics and technology.


March 2013 - April 2013.

Technologies Used

Languages: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS; Software: Photoshop, Dreamweaver