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The Neighborhood


I was hired at the College of Nursing for the primary purpose of designing "The Neighborhood", a virtual web-based community designed as a way to immerse students into the lives of several households and clinical practitioners. The design of the site looks dated now, I'll admit. Some of the sites were intentionally made to look dated, however, to seem more "realistic" in what one would expect from a site like a local newspaper.

The Neighborhood consisted of four levels, with new content posting every week for 15 weeks (60 weeks of content in total). Access had to be limited by both class-level and date ranges, with stories unlocking every week. Below is a video created by the Health Sciences Center better describing the project from an educational standpoint.

The Neighborhood would go on to be purchased by Pearson Education for distribution around the country.


November 2005 - February 2006.

Technologies Used

Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion; Software: Photoshop, Dreamweaver