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Education & Certifications

Information Systems & Assurance, MS

University of New Mexico
Anderson School of Management
4.09/4.33 GPA
2016 — 2018

Management Information Systems, BBA

University of New Mexico
Anderson School of Management
Cum Laude, 3.62/4.33 GPA
2004 — 2010

ITIL® v3




  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
  • After Effects
  • Dreamweaver
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • SAS Enterprise Miner


  • macOS & macOS Server
  • Windows & Windows Server (2008 r2, 2012 r2)
  • Android, iOS (Web Development)
  • Hannon Hill CMS (Cascade)
  • Pharos Printing
  • Wēpa Printing

Languages & Frameworks

  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS 2 & 3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • jQuery
  • Less
  • PHP
  • Rails
  • Sass
  • SQL
  • XML


I am a designer and front-end developer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have over 13 years of professional experience developing project-based, departmental, and university-wide websites that total over 24 million hits annually. I have designed logos, marketing materials, and videos for various university events. I also maintain a diverse technical background, which includes, but is not limited to managing enterprise print services, license servers, and generating analytical reports for the allotment of technology around campus.

Professional Experience

Programmer Analyst II

IT Academic Technologies, University of New Mexico (UNM), Albuquerque, NM, USA
November 2017 - Present

Web Design & Programming

In charge of designing, programming, and managing over 15 websites for multiple entities on campus including websites for: Mobile App Contest, IT Classroom Technologies, Computing.UNM, Cyberinfrastructure Day, Data2Knowledge, Digital Signage, iClicker, IT Events, iThenticate, iTunes U, Transfer & Non-Traditional Student Orientation, myUNM, PawPrints, Security Days, Students.UNM, Tech Days, and Turnitin. These sites ranged from very small audiences (less than 1200 hits per year) to the most popular pages on campus with myUNM (more than 24 million hits per year). Developing these websites required either having or acquiring knowledge of Angular, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Sass, and XML. Also serve as a design consultant to the IT Applications group, developing prototypes, providing UI/UX recommendations, or serving as designer for a given project.

Design & Marketing

Developed logos and marketing materials – advertisements, fliers, videos, posters, programs, websites, and social media campaigns – for the varied sponsored events by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Designing for these events involved giving each a different look & feel annually to distinguish them from past events, while maintaining consistency with UNM and IT’s individual brands. Additionally, printed materials are designed for the (15) IT-controlled computer labs and computer classrooms around campus to convey relevant information to visitors about the space, policies, and staff who control the area.


Every semester, compile & analyze data, review alternatives, make recommendations, and generate reports with data from LabStats and Pharos Reports to provide a snapshot of the popularity & utilization of IT Classroom Technology supported computers, printers, and servers.

Other Skills
  • In charge of the set up, provisioning, management, and distribution of tablet devices for classroom use via macOS Server’s mobile device management (MDM) utility.

(Note: This position is the result of a reclassification, some duties above have been carried over from Multimedia Development Specialist position.)

Multimedia Development Specialist

IT Academic Technologies, University of New Mexico (UNM), Albuquerque, NM, USA
August 2012 - November 2017

Pharos Printing (PawPrints)

Manage the enterprise student print service – PawPrints – for campus. This service outputs on average two million pages annually. Managing this service requires an understanding of server administration & management (Windows Server 2008), database administration & management (SQL Server Management Studio), establishing firewall rules, setting up & negotiating job cost models, billing integration with UNM’s LoboCa$h system (CBORD), installing vendor upgrades & service packs, and the troubleshooting & training of others for the maintenance of the software & hardware of the 32 printers, four multifunction devices, and 33 release stations connected to Pharos across the three main branches of the university.

iTunes U

Tasked with the development, implementation, and management of UNM on iTunes U. Responsibilities include the design of an UNM on iTunes U’s web site (, motion graphics for video content, the layout of UNM iTunes U on the iTunes application & iOS devices, and the conversion of content for iTunes U.

Other Learned Skills
  • Managed 4 – 5 employees responsible for first-tier support with PawPrints and the computer labs & classrooms across campus. These individuals and myself were responsible for the functionality of 1000+ computers (Mac & Windows), 32 printers, two multifunction devices, and 33 release stations on campus.
  • Manipulating XML and JSON data for use in digital signage widgets and applications.

Web Programmer

School of Medicine, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA
February 2010 - August 2012

Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)

Charged with the tasks of designing, building, and maintaining the web pages for the UME department. The design of these sites involves communicating with several divisions of UME, so that their individual vision can be expressed while maintaining a uniform feel with University of New Mexico web standards.

Virtual Histology & Radiology Labs

The Virtual Histology and Radiology Labs consist of various labs featuring slides of microscopic cells and tissues, MRIs, and radiographs that can zoomed into or labeled with points-of-interest. It was my task to bring the Histology site up-to-date with a clean, intuitive design to surround the slide display applet. For Radiology, I had to develop a virtual flashcard system for students, allowing them to hide/display labels on a given image.

Web Programmer

College of Nursing, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA
November 2005 - May 2010

College of Nursing

In charge of the primary web site for the University of New Mexico College of Nursing. Job required the design, development and maintenance of the most-accessed image for the institution. Involved intense collaboration with faculty and staff to capture their vision while providing a unique experience among other University web sites.

The Neighborhood

Collaborated with Jean Giddens PhD, APRN, BC to design and develop a virtual, web-based community that served as a platform for the undergraduate concept-based curriculum. The Neighborhood served was a virtual world that nurses could apply real-world concepts to a fictionalized, but grounded, story of a community. This required the development of many website styles to make each part of the community feel unique – households, hospitals, newspapers (whose stories I wrote), and even a web site for a fictional mayor. Content would unlock on a weekly basis (using ColdFusion), so a student would become invested in the stories. The idea was conceived out of a recognized idea for nursing educational reform. The Neighborhood went on to be sold to Pearson Education Publishing for use nationwide.

Portfolio & Freelance Experience

For screenshots, a detailed description, and more projects, please visit my portfolio.


To ensure the privacy of individuals, references are available upon request. Please contact me for references.